The Company Food Service was founded in 1995 in Rawa Mazowiecka by Zofia Sypuła, Jan Trzepanowski and Marek Czerniej. Many years of experience of the founders in the meat industry has resulted in the dynamic development of the Company. In 1997 production in the first Food Service plant started. It was a meat cutting and deboning hall along with the cold store facility. From the very beginning the Company's top priorities were high production, hygiene and quality level.Three years later Food Service built a cold store with capacity of 2000 tons. In order to establish continuous high guality pork raw material source in May 2005 the company started a new pig slaughterhouse plant. The last major step was to open high capacity cold store, that allowed the Company extra storage capacity of 6000 pallets. 



Food Service production activity is carried out in two up-to-date plants located in central Poland. The newest plant is a pig slaughterhouse (6000 pcs/week) with a pork deboning hall (200 tons/day). The second plant is a deboning hall with capacity of 250 tons of beef/week. Both plants are accompanied by cold stores. The Company's total cold storage capacity exceeds 7000 pallet places. Production processes in Food Service are certified by the newest HACCP, ISO and BRC standards. 


The main activity of the Company Food Service is to provide high quality raw material for the meat industry. For many years Food Service has been appreciated by foreign customers. The Company offers goods to the European Union, as well as to the countries of Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Exports represent more than 60% of total company sales.